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As a child, my parents made a concerted effort to introduce my siblings and I to many a variety of foods and flavor profiles. Our diets were not restricted to “kid-friendly” dishes, but rather full of plenty of seasoning (mucho garlic!!!), vegetables (lotsa onions!!!), and heat. You know……all the things that most kids hate. As a result, I developed an adventurous palate and a lifelong love for all things food. For as long as I can remember, I have dove headfirst into food with an eagerness and curiosity matched by few.

Although I have no formal training, I began cooking and developing recipes at a young age; cooking for my siblings, making meals for friends, and eventually preparing food for my own family unit.

Life has taken a lot of unexpected turns in the last couple of years and over the past few months, it has become evident that I am being urged to transition to the next phase. I am confident that there couldn’t be a better time for me to step into the food blogging world. So here I am!!!!

My Food Philosophy

Over the years, I have tried many different diets for many different reasons. While most proved to me valuable for a spell, they eventually lost their appeal and I failed to adhere to them. After many years of dieting I came to the conclusion that like most things in life, it all comes down to balance, moderation, and simply being mindful of what we put into our bodies.

Tao of Spice will offer recipes that align with many diets, however, when developing recipes I do not do so with specific diets in mind. Instead, my objective is to offer a wide variety of dishes that incorporate ingredients from all the food groups with a focus on freshness, quality, and flavor. When it comes to food there is nothing that I find more disappointing than blandness. If you’re not into exciting flavor profiles and adventurous food choices you’ve probably come to the wrong place. I encourage you to spice up your life a little by trying something new.

Living in Kansas, I am lucky to have access to farm-fresh seasonal produce and locally sourced meats and dairy products. I believe it is important that we are conscious of the impact our food choices make on our own wellbeing, our brothers and sisters, and our Mother (Earth), thus aim to grow/make my own food or purchase locally and organic whenever possible. That being said, I do realize that it is not feasible for many to live/shop this way (at least not always). I find the elitism and classism surrounding eating healthy, locally, organically, etc to be not only distasteful but also disheartening. I encourage you to do the best you can within your means and want you to know that you have my support no matter what. 🖤

So lets connect!!!!